Anthony Callinan

Director | Executive Advisor | Executive Coach

I help successful people become better leaders. I do this by helping them identify behaviour changes that are important to them and their organisation. Then with the help of their stakeholders, I coach them to make lasting positive change.

I am a coach because I believe leadership makes a difference and good leadership makes a positive difference. I am curious, open-minded, creative and optimistic. I love to learn from the people I coach and mentor. I want to support them to be the best they can be.

My practical experience of leadership was built over 30 years as an executive with some of Australia's best-known energy, resources and utility companies. I was successful in my corporate career because I supported and empowered people. I am proud that many of them have become successful leaders themselves. I am also grateful to those who coached me throughout my career.

After leaving corporate life, I worked as an independent consultant. I struggled for many years to understand my purpose. I finally realised that many of my conversations with clients were about behaviours (theirs and others) that impeded their goals. I realised that these were coaching conversations and that people did not need or want advice but help to change.

As an executive coach, I work with successful leaders to identify one or two behaviours they want to change and then develop a business case for change. The impact of change must be important both to them and their organisation. My role as a coach is to create insights and provide tools and methods to help the leader practice change. As they grow as leaders we measure the change so that they can see their progress as they strive for their next success.

I believe strong communities support good people and spend some of my time serving community and arts organisations.

I am a non-executive director and have formal qualifications in engineering, business and governance.

Anthony’s clear business thinking and principles, mentoring and team selection, commercial acumen were critical skills in the evolution and growth of the group and it’s assets.

General Manager, Business Development

Anthony is an innovative leader who always took a strategic approach to issues. He was not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

Senior Corporate Affairs and Policy Executive

Anthony is a strategic commercial thinker who also is able to construct processes which are instrumental for gaining alignment with stakeholders

Gas and LNG Consultant

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