Governance Support

Governance Risk and Ethics Support

Maralee Consulting supports owners, directors and senior executive teams with 'whole of organisation' governance to ensure your strategy and decision making addresses the complexity of compliance, risk and assurance. We can help with a governance framework that includes consideration of ethics in business and the balance of risk and opportunity. If you require specialist expertise, we are part of a referral network to help you find what you need quickly.

Anthony Callinan has formal qualifications in governance and business.

Global Governance Initiate

Understanding Governance

Maralee Consulting is a proud affiliate of the Global Governance Initiative (GGI). GGI's purpose is "to ensure every business, regardless of size or financial ability, has access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance."


We offer GGI's online programs either stand-alone or as part of a consulting, mentoring or coaching package.


Accessing GGI with Maralee Consulting you have access to courses and materials backed by one-on-one support. Make sure you have a Maralee Consulting code before you sign up.

Governance Support

Build a Governance Framework

Maralee Consulting supports you to develop and strengthen the governance framework of your business.


Our approach is principle-based approach is built on a strong understanding of the purpose, mission and values that guide your decision making.


We support you to develop decision making systems that represent your unique purpose, mission and values and ensure best practice in strategy development, risk management and compliance and assurance. 

Expert Advice

Experts at Call

Maralee Consulting is proud to be a member of The Network of Consulting Professionals. This is an accredited Australian network of business advisors, many of whom have held c-suite positions with global companies.


Our consultants offer a Business Mentoring Program for eligible organisations. In addition, The Network of Consulting Professionals provides specialist services including support for M&A, exit, growth strategies, special projects, HR, WHS – advice on the sorts of business problems that need outside expertise.


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