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Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a proven global coaching process offered by over 3500 coaches in 250 global locations. Globally, 95% of business leaders who completed our coaching process measurably improved in their leadership effectiveness.

One-on-one coaching program

Grow as a leader

Maralee Consulting helps leaders by tackling the habits and blockers that hold them back. Through respectful, honest, and focused coaching conversations, we help clients set goals and be accountable for the action plans that will get them there.

We create a collegiate, non-judgmental space to have meaningful conversations. With over 30 years in business, building and leading successful teams, our wealth of experience is an unmatched resource for leaders to draw upon.

Our stakeholder centred coaching asks leaders to engage with their colleagues to seek feedback and support and encouragement. As a result, leaders become better in ways that make a difference for themselves, their people, and their organisation.

Team coaching

Grow your leadership team

Maralee Consulting helps leadership teams to identify habits and blockers that get in the way of their effectiveness as a group.

Each team member is asked to take personal responsibility for supporting the other team members and the group to tackle habits and behaviours that are in the way of them performing at their best.

We create a coaching space based on trust and openness to overcome individual fears to focus on what will make the team great. We believe that teams work best when everybody in the team gives their best.


We focus on issues that your team identifies as important for your organisation. In our experience, most leaders know what needs to happen, our role is to help you make it happen.

Global leadership assessment

Benchmark your leadership

The GLA360 tool benchmarks 15 Global Leadership Competencies. See your self-assessment beside confidential assessments from others in your organisation and rank them against the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching database. GLA360 is included in all coaching programs and is also available as a stand-alone product.